About the Training Centre

The NDC Training Centre Skopje offers theoretical and practical training for intercultural education and Nansen Model (NMIE), and is dedicated to providing personal and professional development of upbringing and educational staff in the country and the region.

The Training Centre was established in 2012, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of R.N. Macedonia, and the partnership with the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education was established in 2013.

Using years of experience in the development and application of various upbringing and educational intercultural initiatives, the Nansen Dialogue Centre team in Skopje, in partnership with relevant experts and institutions, has prepared a number of training programmes focused on the interculturalism as a concept and approach in the educational and upbringing field.

In order to provide the best programmes and trainings for professional development, the Centre engages local and international trainers with an extensive experience in the field of integrated and intercultural education and professional development of teachers. Trainings are carried out through theoretical part and practical activity (60%, i.e. 40 % respectively).

The Nansen Model for Intercultural Education and the Training Centre are financially supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway.

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The first workshop from Module A was successfully conducted

During the May, the Training Centre of NDC Skopje successfully conducted the first workshop from Module A for five different groups of teachers.

New cycle of trainings from Module A for teachers

On May 12, 2022, the NDC Training Centre Skopje started with the new cycle of trainings from Module A. This cycle will be attended by 5 groups of teachers.

Fourth training from Module B with Lynn Johnston

The fourth workshop for two groups of teachers on "Anti-Bias approach in Education" was conducted by Dr. Lynn Johnston. This training is the result...

The third workshop from Module C was successfully realized

The third workshop from training of Module C was successfully conducted by Prof. Ognen Spasovski, PhD. The focus was on the complex topic, inclusive education.